About us

VISION HandScape intends to change the way users interact with touch devices, allowing for innovative applications never seen before.  It addresses today’s ergonomic use and issues of mobile devices.  The company foresees opening up new possibilities in the gaming world, bringing higher levels of engagement and significant means of monetization. The company also envisions bringing touch controls to automobile steering wheels. Additionally, in the medical field, it will open up new exceptional applications for physical therapy and remote-controlled surgery.  The possibilities are endless. ABOUT HandScape makes innovative mobile device cases that fully enable front and back side touch controls of mobile devices. HandScape’s first product, the HandyCase™ is the world’s first and only touch-enabled case series for Apple’s iPhones and iPads, allowing tap and swipe controls on both sides of the devices. The company holds 3 issued/allowed patents, and 27 US  and international patents today with technology that can be licensed and integrated into OEM tablets, car consoles, wearable computer, toys, gaming consoles, etc. HandScape’s unique idea was developed by top talents in Silicon Valley, California and was founded in 2013 by Tong Luo, Ph.D. HandyCase’s sleek design is crafted by top industrial design firms and artists in the United States and Europe with manufacturing partners throughout Asia. The touch module market is forecast to grow to $35 billion by 2020, according to Touch Display Research Inc.in 2015. The company expects sales through various channels and licensing its technology for various applications in consumer electronics, automobile manufacturing, medical applications and more. On September 2015, the company completed its Kickstarter campaign at 300% backer participation and at the same time, separately raised $2 million in seed funding.  Handscape, at this time is raising its $10 million in Series A funding. MANAGEMENT
  • Tong Luo, Ph.D, Founder & CTO
Tong completed his bachelor's and master's degree in Electrical Engineering at Xi’an Jiaotong University and University of Science & Technology in China, and was awarded his doctorate in Computer Science at Duke University in 2000. With 15+ years of experience with Bell Labs, GTE Labs, CIENA and eBay, he worked on a variety of technologies and consumer products and filing multiple patents. Tong was co-founder of the profitable Abacus Financial Services from 2003 to 2013, with thousands of residential loans funded worth billions of dollars. He founded and incorporated HandScape in 2013 and has applied for multiple patents in the area of handheld computer interaction.
  • Min Hui, Ph.D, CEO
Dr. Min Hui, CEO of HandScape Inc., received her Ph.D. from Duke University, and a master’s degree from Stanford University and another from Tsinghua University. She received scholarships from Duke, Stanford and Tsinghua Universities. Min has worked in the past with Morgan Stanley as a financial advisor and is currently the founder and CEO of Abacus Financial. Dr. Min Hui is known for her passion, vision, leadership, photographic memory, communication skills, resourcefulness, and gentle heart. In this rapidly changing market, Dr. Min Hui’s determination and leadership will bring HandScape to successful heights.
  • John Lin, Ph.D, Co-Founder, Engineering
While studying in China, John was awarded 2nd prize at China’s National Physics Olympiad in 1998. He completed his undergraduate studies in Microelectronics at Tsinghua University in China and was awarded his doctorate in Computer Engineering from Northwestern University in 2006. John’s career experience includes positions on the Consulting Staff at Magma Design Automation. As Operations Manager at Abacus Financial Services, John managed the funding of over $2B in consumer loans before joining HandScape in 2013.