MUJA Smart Gamepad

Product Description

Muja is a revolutionary gamepad that can stick on your phone 

to play video games at anywhere and anytime you want. 

With ergonomic design and touch sensor, you can play games 

on both panels of you phone. 

Play cool and win fast!

MUJA Smart Gamepad(Design)

MUJA Smart Gamepad has new design, popular curvature, unique structural design, powerful suction cup

MUJA Smart Gamepad

A new generation Gamepad for game lover

Ergonomic design

Multiple customized  keys

Smart touch sensor

Innovative stick-on design

Long battery life

Heat dissipation

Red and blue breathing light, 

Fully Intergration design

One button and easy to use

MUJA Smart Gamepad(LED)

MUJA Smart Gamepad has Red and blue two-color adjustment, breathing flicker, cool feeling

LED light status

  • On:

      • Press on/off button and blue LED start breathing,

      • searching for bluetooth

  • Connection:

      • Not connected,blue LED breathe slowly

      • Connected, blue LED keep on for 2 seconds and then off

  • Off:

      • Hold on/off button for 5 seconds

  • Battery:

      • if battery is lower than 10%, red LED breathe fastly

      • if charged with usb, red LED will breathe slowly

      • if battery is full, red light keeps on

  • Attention:

      • on and off are the same button

      • There will be only one light on, and blue light will have higher priority

      • Blue light will turn off if not connected for 60 seconds

      • Breathe fastly :0.3S per cycle

      • Breathe slowly:2S per cycle