HandyCase Smart Phone Case

HandScape has brought the first generation smart phone case HandyCase to the word,it now has 29 patents,FCC certification,Smart phone case use bluetooth to connect with your phone ,the touch sensor will feel your finger,use algorithm to calculate and send data to phone,so you could use app or play game from the back。

Goal of HandyCase

Our Goal is to bring the World's first generation Smart Phone Case ,reinvent the touch and let gamer play more smooth,let user enjoy the new interaction experience,Our aim is to free your thumb and let you play cool and stay cool.

Use Case of HandyCase

HandyCase is a general platform,it could not only be used as a bluetooth gamecontroller,bluetooth keyboard but also a VR controller, we will implement more functions and contents,bring new technology and contents。


A phone and a Case,Give you new selfie experience

One-hand selfieUnobstructed screenNo fingerprints greasy

One finger focus, drag up/down to adjust brightness

Two finger zoon

Double Click taking photo

Left/right swipe to change mode

Zoom,focus,shutter in behind

No more front touch
Taking selfie anywhere anytime
Don't miss any wonderful moments


Perfect fit,Game、Camera、and protect your phone

Liquid silicone injection

The phone case thickness is only 4mm

High quality inner shell flocking

Intimate protection of mobile phones

Three colors optional

Dual version optional

Support phone model

iPhone8p/iPhone7p/iPhone6p iPhone8/iPhone7/iPhone6