UFPS demo project is an FPS project from HandScape. Use left panel of handycase to be joystick to control the movement and right panel to control the view sight. You could use front screen to shoot and reload and control direction from back.   Github :


This is endless running game which is compatiable with Handycase from HandScape. If you have Handycase, you could swipe easily from the back touch and also front touch still works. You could rest your thumb when you feel tired using thumb for a long time. * Simple swipe and tilt controls that are easy to use and just feel right * Incredibly fun, just one more time, endless game play! For more information, please check out our website   Github: Youtube:

Monster Garden Crush

Download Monster Garden for free now. This game is fun match 3 casual puzzle! Monster Garden features: • Over 300 interesting levels • Multiple game goals, time mode, move mode, block mode, collect ingredients mode and more • Very small size but super tasty graphics • Create a high score with super boost!!   This game is also compatible with handycase which you could use the back touch case to play with the game. For detail or pre-ordering handycase please go to Github:


HSCube is a cube app that uses intuitive controls to rotate the layers. This app is designed to allow quick consecutive cube rotations which is necessary for quick cube solves.   The user controls the cube by: -touch inside the cube to move layers -touch outside the cube to rotate the cube -horizontal swipes for upper, middle, and lower layer -right hand diagonal swipes control right and back layers -left hand diagonal swipes control left and front layers -swipe a longer distance to control the M and S middle layers Version 1.0 is a very simple version that contains a timer, scramble button, and a solve button (which uses a basic beginner method).   This app is being developed in conjunction with a back-touch smart case. Github: Youtube: